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Welcome to How to Play Basketball Drills!

Hello, my name is Trevor Huffman (that's me with the bad hair-doo before I got cut from the Phoenix Suns).

I'm just a short, white guy from a small town that learned how to make basketball drills my passion.

From beginner to elite basketball coaching tips, to designing new basketball practice drills, and helping pro point guards, players and programs develop with my unique blend of European and American basketball skill development and scouting services, I look forward to helping you!

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  1. Ask yourself some important questions: how good do you want to be at basketball? How much time and energy are you willing to invest?
  2. Only 5% of high school athletes play college basketball so are you willing to put in the work, training, and grit to stick with HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL ACADEMY training programs?
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Watch my pro point guard basketball warm up video below OR get inside the training mind of an ex-pro point guard here: best sports blog for 2017

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What You Need for the Next Level:


MY HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL DRILLS TIP #1: Let’s start with tracking and organizing my daily/weekly workouts better. I didn’t track stuff. I just worked really hard. Ran really hard. Lifted really hard. Training and making my body and mind into a tougher, more durable, better expression of its highest self was fun. As a professional basketball player and point guard for 12 years (and NCAA division one all-time leading scorer before that) throughout a nine month season, each week only had enough time for extra sand workouts for speed and agility, water workouts for low impact and endurance training plus recovery, and strength workouts in the gym, plus the team practices and shooting / dribbling workouts.  

  • There is only so much time and without a plan, a daily plan, weekly, monthly plan, you just lose time, lose workouts, and value for your court time. Plus, without enough recovery time planned in, you aren’t training as efficient as you could be training. 

MY HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL DRILLS TIP #2: Stay on track, keep your body primed and motivated to reach workout goals from a micro level to macro level day to day, month to month, etc. Tracking your weights, your reps, your sets, and organizing your weekly workouts around what you do, how you live, etc is key. Also getting feedback from coaches on form and technique is crucial to maximizing your potential.

  •  I could have tracked my progress and efforts better. I loved writing out my basketball workouts and setting goals, but I didn’t like recording much of anything else. Especially my weights, shooting makes and misses and rounds for time practice drills.

MY HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL DRILLS TIP #3: As I got older, my pro point guard training was about experimenting with my mind and body routines to create more confidence, focus, energy, endurance, and creativity on the court. I started trying vegan protein shakes, natural foods, and more into my raw food eating routines. Clean eating is a habit. Reinforce your habits of healthy eating with healthy food around. I use RAW FIT vegan shakes and it stops me from overeating and staying lean. I use all in one turmeric, CoQ10, and omega 3 supplements that helped me feel energetic and recover faster. I sometimes drink amino acid pre-workout drinks to make each workout the bomb diggity!


I heard a quote the other day, “We are what we eat, eats.” Think about what you are putting your body and how your body processes it. If it’s made in a plant, and not from a plant, don’t eat it. Keep your sugar to minimum and usually just eat raw fruits for sugars. I usually try to do one part protein, two parts vegetables per meal and then healthy protein-fat snacks (almonds, avocados, beans, nuts, etc) and vegan shakes (less processed shakes should be the goal).

MY HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL DRILLS TIP #5:: Do something every morning to increase productivity as an athlete, basketball player, and person. Read or listen something about athletes and basketball for 5 minutes. Go for a 5 minute run. Do 5 minutes of dribbling drills. Call your coach and ask them what you can work on (and then ask them if they will rebound for you).

  • I didn’t study enough. About other things. About personal productivity. About living better. About meditating. About being a better leader. I just played. I regret not doing more to expand my mind. Try to follow inspiring blogs, positive thoughts for the day, and more.


Get better every morning. No excuses. If you can’t do 5 minutes, how are you going to look yourself in the mirror. I read, listen, and watch Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes and I friggin’ love it. He talks about what the best authors say on topics relevant to not only basketball, but success in any arena are all about!

  • I could have done more each morning to get my body and mind going as a pro player. If I was stiff or sore, I would just take the morning off. I should have gone in and done treatment, stretched, read, listen to podcasts, or done yoga, or shot stationary shots to loosen up my body.


Micro Training when you can’t fit in a long workout. Building the will power and work ethic to workout and train starts with having no excuses not to do something. If you can’t fit in 2-5 minutes for a micro workout, then you aren’t really all that serious about improving your body, your basketball, or your mind. In the mornings you are pressed for time, even doing your ball handling, dribbling, or intense shooting drills will be better than nothing. If you can’t get a full workout in later in the day, do a 15-minute micro training session every day. This reinforces your mind, and gets you in the habit of training your body and game for the next level. Then when you have enough time, get a full, longer workout in!

  • I could have done more to maintain my connection to Mother Earth, to God, or the Universe (or whatever you label a higher power). As they say, everything happens for a reason and that quote always pissed me off because people tend to give up when something negative happens to them. I broke 4 ankles, had five surgeries, and could have said, “everything happens for a reason,” and stopped trying. Instead I shut my eyes and tried to connect. Work harder. Lift harder. Do more. But it was always those times that were tough and not when things were going well that made me push through and get to the next level.

MY HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL DRILLS TIP #8: Pray, meditate (personally, one I try to do is meditate every morning and focus on breath for 1 minute every morning), or find faith in something bigger than yourself daily. Whatever it is. Love. Friendship. Energy. The Universe. God. Passions. People. We all have some connection with something. Find it. I wish I had closed my eyes more and envisioned my childhood hoop and all the shots I took, all the energy the Universe gave me as I played against my neighborhood friends and how far I had come, how hard I worked to get the pinnacle of the professional basketball world. By shutting my eyes more, and breathing on life, being thankful for it, and tapping into the vastness of the energy this world has for us, the small basketball game is just a game and you can relax and enjoy it for what it is.

  • I was too hard on myself when I lost championships, games or got hurt.

MY HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL DRILLS TIP #9: Understand that wanting something from a game causes suffering and pain and depression, just as joy, happiness and ecstasy can happen from the game of basketball. We learn so much from being part of a team, from wanting to win, and ultimately failing at times. We will all fail with basketball. We won’t always play awesome and understanding this helps put the game of basketball in perspective. It will help us get back on the wagon faster and get us out of the doldrums. We are all human and we are allowed to be sad, happy, lost, or confused, and the basketball journey will bring about more ups and downs than you can imagine! So feel it and move on. Find a way to make a negative a positive by getting better at something else.

MY HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL DRILLS TIP #10: As a professional player, my off-season was two months long, and it was harder and harder to get myself to go into the city to find competition. I didn’t want to get hurt or play too much, but I could have linked up with other peers and professional basketball players that were trying to improve their games and expand through healthy competition.

  • You have to constantly find players that are above you in the development range. By finding better players to work out with, train against, and play against, you constantly grow and evolve as a player and person. I thought I didn’t need anymore help, but I did. We all need help, to be pushed, to be part of something that asks us to put our best foot forward (much like How to Play Basketball Drills Academy)...

MY HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL DRILLS TIP #11: Swallow your pride. Continue to search for mentors, friendships, relationships that surround you with people on the same mission as you. Even better, if you are player, contact someone like me and ask questions. It’s why I write, maybe I’ll be able to help another kid out there that has huge dreams. There is always a more efficient way. You just have to be willing to look for it

  •  My own pride stopped me from constantly finding a mentor, coach, or life counselor around me to help me get better and understand myself. Find a mentor and ask them to work with you. By letting go of pride and ego, you will get the most out of life, your basketball game, and athletic abilities.

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HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL DRILLS is a site I built because every time I run my THBA ELITE basketball academy, I get coaches, players, and parents asking me what their athlete should be doing.

Well, first off, every athlete is different. I wouldn't tell an overweight kid to lift heavy weights. I would tell them to lose weight with our conditioning program. If I see a skinny point guard, I would tell him to focus on gaining strength and power with our Strength and Power basketball workouts.

Each basketball player has strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to build those up and continue to do what you do well, while working on your weaknesses. Learning how to play basketball is really about evaluation and then working out the kinks.

Because not many of us can jump as high or run as fast as Lebron James, or as fast as Russell Westbrook, or quick as Chris Paul or tall as .

But learning the secrets of how to play basketball drills is designed for the underdog players, parents and coaches that have been training and coaching the same way and not getting results.

To be honest, most of us are either not athletic enough, experienced enough or skilled enough to play at the next level.

In possibly the second best basketball blog in the world, I share my basketball training tips, athlete stories, basketball workouts, videos, European coaching concepts, interviews,and funny stories that only the 
best sports blog in the modern world could live up too.

How to play basketball drills will help you turn the corner because if you don't execute the small details, you are wasting time.

And unfortunately, in basketball, time is limited.

If you are newbie parent or coach, or a player playing Elite AAU basketball or a point guard struggling in college, I know you'll take something from my best basketball workouts.

If you want to read, learn, and ask questions, you are in the right place.

Pro to youth basketball training and consulting is my passion. After traveling the world as a pro basketball point guard for 13 years, I built this site, in hopes I could help the next generation of coaches, parents, and players trying to get to the next level that struggle with self-doubt, confidence, transitions, anxiety, or learning a new skill.

youth basketball camps are in Michigan and Ohio. These are for the serious basketball players looking to live and train like a pro.

How to play basketball drills will hopefully inspire your basketball dreams, goals, coaching practice plans, basketball workout programs, and designing your life around doing what you love.

It's that simple.

No selling (okay, maybe a little).

No hype.  

As long as you put in the real basketball sweat, blood, tears, and work, and stay inspired with my basketball newsletter, I hope your passion will blossom 365 days a year and you'll learn a ton from my experiences and stories and programs.

I believe you will be better, GUARANTEED.

But what do you believe about yourself?

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  1. Most players are lacking a vision, a customized workout training plan, and pro coaching feedback and evaluation to learn what they should be working on. Need help? I (and my team) will personally coach you, ANALYZE GAME VIDEO and MAKE YOU A CUSTOM TRAINING PLAN AFTER WE SEE YOU PLAY. Our elite performance staff has worked with athletes from the NFL, NBA, and NCAA, and Euro pro basketball players all the way to elite youth athletes. 
  2. Don't want to invest with us? Fine. Then find a mentor and learn from the best in your field, not some schmuck that makes great videos online.  
  3. How to Play Basketball's mission is to help you be ELITE, by seeking out pro player and coaching feedback so you can reach your potential.


Hello, I'm Trevor Huffman, creator of How to Play Basketball, and your 12 year ex-professional European point guard, failed NBA player (Hey shoot for the stars, land on the moon!), and elite basketball skills development expert guide.

  • If you want to be ELITE, (only the top 5% of basketball players play college), it's time to change your beliefs about basketball training and what basketball talent actually is. You have to buld a vision, have a basketball training workout plan, and it starts with you. READ THIS BOOK IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME.
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  • My passion is youth basketball training to Elite basketball coaching. I've been a Point Guard in the top European, NBA, and NCAA basketball world for 16 years and want to inspire 365 Day B-Ball dreams! 
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5 Proven Reasons our ELITE Youth Basketball Training System Works:

  1. Showing you exactly what we do the second we step on the court and how hard we work to ensure reaching basketball goals both in our basketball weight training programs and ELITE youth basketball training workouts.
  2. Coaching the most efficient basketball movement patterns through individual basketball training programs for basketball shooting, passing, dribbling, defense, and pick & roll transfer to game situations.
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How to Play Basketball Drills

  1. Always be a student of the game. The difference between a college player and a great high school player is small. We make the choice to be ELITE and with enough studying, learning, playing, and training, I believe most players can tap their full potential and reach their goals.
  2. Learn by watching and listening to the best. My mission is to teach, mentor, and train you how to play at the next level. I will show you my basketball skill development series like basketball passing, or break downs of creating killer basketball crossover moves, at my Elite Academy in Northern Michigan or Jason Otter's country-wide youth basketball camps.
  3. At many of Jason Otter's Elite point guard camps, he teaches boys and girls basketball drills that most people have never seen. Start the learning process now. Have any questions about how to play basketball Remember, the only way to be ELITE is to become a student today. Don't wait, most players and careers end to soon because they waited too long.
  4. Choose the Elite path, you won't turn back! Thanks for reading my page and I hope how to play basketball can help you get to the next level! 

8 Free Point Guard Training Secrets You Need to Know...

  1. Learn from the best point guards on Earth: this is called copying the best practice (which means copying their method, process, or activity, that is believed to be more effective at delivering a particular outcome).
  2. Basketball dribbling drills and ball-handling skills must start with a solid foundation. There can be no progress from 1-ball drills to 2-ball drills (or even 3-ball dribbling drills) until the first progression of movement is mastered.
  3. I wouldn’t let you cook a gourmet meal for 1000 guests unless I had trained you how to mix, prepare, and execute cooking all the ingredients together. It would be utter failure for you to try. It’s no different with youth basketball training and coaching player development.
  4. Increase the amount of ball-in-hand-time through learning to progress through our ball-handling skill drills. What is ball-in-hand-time? The amount of time you can possibly hold the ball through dribbling moves without traveling. This in turn increases the capacity of more explosive moves, a better overall handle, and different offensive combinations to take place.
  5. Reinforcing proper movement patterns that are in line with efficient exercise science techniques, i.e.—teaching a sprinter to stand up straight out up out of the blocks would be incorrect and slow them down considerably. Many coaches dismiss the very thing that makes players faster, quicker, and more explosive on the court, which in turn, decreases a player’s value to the team!
  6. Learn, study, deliberately practice, and analyze your footwork at all times. This is key to basketball success—for the best point guards, shooting guards, and big men—learning progressive footwork combinations will ultimately increase your value on the court ten-fold!
  7. Basketball I.Q. What is it? How do you get it? The best coaches are able to impart this key attribute to players through proper coaching and mentoring. Obviously, playing a lot of basketball helps (and against better competition), but there are many players and coaches that lack the resources, competition, and training opportunities to increase Basketball I.Q. We teach this in our OtterBasketball training system—how to make reads, when to pass, when to dribble, when to attack, and when to pull it back.
  8. Basketball I.Q. is the amount of intelligence you apply on the court to help make your team better. Let’s start increasing your I.Q. by watching our basketball dribbling drills video introduction here: 

Leave how to play basketball and go ask me a question, watch videos on my Elite Academy page? 


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*This page was created by Apogean Series LLC, Series 200.

*Please consult a doctor, professional fitness advisor, financial advisor, before acting, taking or doing any of the opinions, practice plans, supplements, advice, or theories I share about basketball. 

This is the real world and people can get hurt if they don't know what they are doing. Learn how to train like a pro. Ask questions.

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