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Hello, I'm Trevor Huffman. The truth about basketball dribbling drills is figuring out what the best trainers, coaches, and players do to create next level basketball moves, and how they use that knowledge to get there.

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Which Basketball Dribbling Drills Really Work?

1.) Having a proven dribbling drills plan that REAL pros and college players use, adapting their philosophy and sticking with it

2.) Executing the youth to elite drills and plan with inspired effort, passion and purpose

3.) Continuing to increase your intensity, progress to harder skill movements, thus becoming a more efficient basketball player

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  1. Never BE AFRAID TO TRY OR FAIL, in fact, find it, seek it out and do it daily. By experimenting or trying, you learn to adapt. Pretty soon, with our workouts, drills, and tips, you learn to succeed.
  2. Find inspiration and a plan with us (365 days a year)! Then take action. At 365-BASKETBALL.COM, we will push you to be inspired and get out of your comfort zone daily.
  3. It takes 30 days to begin making a new habit or skill. Push your brain, body, and physiology to acquire next level habits, skills, and movement patterns by following our daily training system to get better faster.
  4. Find a mentor and learn from the best in your field. Question us. Question everyone. Study, watch tape, invest in yourself, surround yourself with the best, hardworking college and pro players, and listen to what they tell you and put it into action. 
  5. Continue to seek, compete, and play against the best players, whether they are of a higher age, skill level, or athletic ability, evaluate your weaknesses/strengths, and then tailor your plan accordingly.

Eight Elite Dribbling Secrets:

  1. Learn from the best point guards on Earth: this is called copying the best practice (which means copying their method, process, or activity, that is believed to be more effective at delivering a particular outcome).
  2. Basketball dribbling drills and ball handling skills must start with a solid foundation. There can be no progress from 1-ball drills to 2-ball drills (or even 3-ball dribbling drills) until the first progression of movement is mastered.
  3. I wouldn’t let you cook a gourmet meal for 1000 guests unless I had trained you how to mix, prepare, and execute cooking all the ingredients together. It would be utter failure for you to try. It’s no different with youth basketball training and coaching player development.
  4. Increase the amount of ball-in-hand-time through learning to progress through our ball-handling skill drills. What is ball-in-hand-time? The amount of time you can possibly hold the ball through dribbling moves without traveling. This in turn increases the capacity of more explosive moves, a better overall handle, and different offensive combinations to take place.
  5. Reinforcing proper movement patterns that are in line with efficient exercise science techniques, i.e.—teaching a sprinter to stand up straight out up out of the blocks would be incorrect and slow them down considerably. Many coaches dismiss the very thing that makes players faster, quicker, and more explosive on the court, which in turn, decreases a player’s value to the team!
  6. Learn, study, deliberately practice, and analyze your footwork at all times. This is key to basketball success—for the best point guards, shooting guards, and big men—learning progressive footwork combinations will ultimately increase your value on the court ten-fold!
  7. Basketball I.Q. What is it? How do you get it? The best coaches are able to impart this key attribute to players through proper coaching and mentoring. Obviously, playing a lot of basketball helps (and against better competition), but there are many players and coaches that lack the resources, competition, and training opportunities to increase Basketball I.Q. We teach this in our OtterBasketball training system—how to make reads, when to pass, when to dribble, when to attack, and when to pull it back.
  8. Basketball I.Q. is the amount of intelligence you apply on the court to help make your team better. Let’s start increasing your I.Q. by watching our basketball dribbling drills video introduction here: 

5 Proven Reasons our ELITE Basketball Training System Works:

  1. Showing you exactly what we do the second we step on the court and how hard we work to ensure reaching basketball goals both in our basketball weight training programs and ELITE youth basketball training workouts.
  2. Coaching the most efficient basketball movement patterns through individual basketball training programs for basketball shooting, passing, dribbling, defense, and pick & roll transfer to game situations.
  3. Mentoring you with basketball leadership, how to use our Elite basketball performance nutrition and supplement products on and off the court to insure we can always out-work, out-train, and out-smart our opponents. *FACBOOK US WITH QUESTIONS!
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Our All-state, Collegiate, and Pro Participants:

Kevin Frey, D1 Xavier University & European Pro

Dustin Dibble, D1 University of Milwaukee Wilmington

Jelani Rashi Floyd, D1 UC Davis University

Valerie Zona, D1 West Virginia University

Krista Clement, D1 University of Michigan (Miss Basketball, Michigan)

Jim Clement, D2 Lake Superior State University and European Pro

Damon Huffman, D1 Brown University and European Pro

Steve McDonald, D2 Lake Superior State University

John Flynn, D2 Grand Valley State University 1st Team All-American & European Pro

Brandon Darnton, D1 Michigan State University

Corey Starkey, D1 Bucknell University

Grant Tracy, Grand Rapids CC

Taylor Silas, D1 Missouri State University

Drew Hilton, D3 Albion College

Carlos English, D1 Cleveland St. University, NBDL

DeAndre Haynes, D1 Kent St. University & European Pro 

And many many more...