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Hello. Welcome to How to Play Basketball basketball tactics page. This site is dedicated to improving the game of basketball one player and coach at a time-- through learning Elite basketball tactics and the sharing of basketball strategies, ideas, and concepts.

This is a Pro Player, Trainer, and Coach perspective on what really works in the basketball world. Follow my Professional basketball training and coaching tactics and strategies Euro, NBA, and pro basketball blog.

Our unique OtterBasketball training and coaching system has helped create winning coaches and players that have succeeded at the next level. Our system is based on efficiency and familiarity of movement principles that has made hundreds of all-state, collegiate, and professional players.

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I'm sure every great player wants to get to the next level. Every coach wants to win more games. Or every young kid aspiring to be a star wants to understand why some make it and others don't.

I've seen so many players and coaches miss the entire boat when it comes to getting to the next level.

A player and coach's wasted potential is mainly a lack of awareness, an effort to keep learning, and a lack of a suitable coach or mentor.

Basketball coaching philosophies don't matter much if you aren't willing to learn new basketball training methods and skill development basketball tactics.

Jason Otter runs his camps from California to Poland, all year long. But be ready for a dose of something you've never witnessed before. If you aren't serious about basketball, don't even waste your time reading on.

Our Tactics in Basketball are Really Strategies for Life:

After a decade of professional basketball in the top Euro-leagues, the NBA, and top NCAA division one schools, I've seen the unique effects of what basketball strategies-- on the individual player and team level-- can have.

Coaches must be willing to develop players constantly. Everyday is a chance to get better. Every chance is a moment to do something better, or with more awareness, or differently.

As John Wooden said, "The best way may not be your way."

Jason Otter has developed a way of training that helps players fulfill their potential, no matter their age, height, athleticism, or race.

You don't have to be a Pro Athlete to play basketball at the next level, but you do have to master certain basketball skills, while having an athletic body capable of playing at the speed, power, and strength of the next level.

We've designed an online training basketball school for players and coaches, to sign in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to get the workouts that teach, show, and explain what getting to the next level is all about.

It takes basketball tactics to get better offensively and defensively; to create individual moves, you have to have efficient movement fundamentals first and to create team success, you have to have a basketball strategy that implements both player and team development.

For instance, to be an efficient defensive and offensive team, you need to have a system that tailors to your players strengths, while eliminating their weaknesses through proper training and basketball strategies.

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Here is just a small example of a dribbling and ball handling portion of our basketball skills development program. Many of the basketball tactics we use are based on basketball skill development through progressive intensity programs of efficient movement-- both offensively and defensively.

First, maximize individual potential. Maximize team potential second. All coaches I know would agree that there are coaches that have great players and then there are, ex-coaches .

How Basketball Tactics Increase Court Value:

Every basketball player has energy leaks. I define an energy leak as the moment energy is lost or leaked through inefficient movement, improper training (footwork, alignment, body position, shot technique, etc) that otherwise wouldn't be lost or leaked.

If a team spends it's energy pressing the whole game, but can't properly box out and rebound the basketball, that is a team energy leak.

If a player has great offensive basketball moves, but can't properly shoot the basketball with the right footwork and shooting technique, that is an individual energy leak.

Every coach has to look at players and teams objectively and find out where their energy leaks are-- from an individual to team evaluational basis.

Now this is basic basketball strategy and tactics to team and individual development.

Advanced Tactics for Basketball with Jason Otter:

Advanced basketball tactics and strategies must ascertain where energy leaks are as well. Even top NBA and European teams have improper offenses set up around players that might not fit that style of play.

It happens at the Pro Levels all the time because I've seen it time and time again.

But coaches do what they know. They stick to their proverbial guns. And usually the players either get it or they don't.

Yet, great coaches find ways to integrate new offensive schemes, sets, and basketball plays for the types of players they have on their team.

A common mistake we talk about in our online basketball school is for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. This is a basic fundamental approach to not only our individual basketball skill training, but our team basketball tactics as well.

If you simplify basketball to this level, you can find many energy leaks on a team and individual standpoint.

For example, a ball screen or pick & roll would usually have a pre-emptive action to create a better environment for the ball action; the ball screen to actually work in its full effectiveness.

A down screen, pro-cut screen, rub screen, pick and roll, and back-door play always have their place in basketball. We'll teach you how to increase the effectiveness of each offensive basketball play.

Defensively, there are so many options out there. Full court press, half-court press, to man to man, to zone, to box and one, to triangle and two. But why do something without having a reason to make it the most effective.

in pro and college games, I'm amazed at the inability of teams to implement a full-court press and a zone that emphasizes matching up with the other team for specific reason.

Man to man defenses are built upon principles that must adaptable and flexible to the offensive situation and player. That's why having complete offensive players is a nightmare for opposing coaches, because it is hard to design effective defenses that work.

One of my favorite examples at the pro levels is incorporating a defensive scheme that masks what defense you are in and causes set plays and offensive movement to be minimized.

For example, a system of a man to man full-court press that falls into a 2-3 or 3-2 zone depending on personnel and match-ups on missed shots and a full-court man to man press that falls back into a match up zone or man to man hybrid.

For every ACTION, you must have an opposite and equal action to set up the conducive environment for what you are trying to achieve. To create confusion defensively, one must be willing to create different actions for different purposes that set up your next action or scheme.

Have a great day, and remember: there are always people out there trying to get better. Fight the resistance. Have a plan. And get up and do it again tomorrow. Hope you learned a little more about what basketball tactics really are...

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Sincerely, Trevor Huffman & Jason Otter

PS.-- A lot of people try to steal our basketball tactics training information and use it, sell it, or re-package it. The truth is, we've been doing this for 15 years; teaching it, sweating it, playing it, and doing it. Don't fall for snake-oil salesmen that haven't a clue as to what it takes to or how to teach getting to the next level.

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There's a reason why we've created the best point guards and players for years. We don't mind finding and talking to you about who is teaching, training, and coaching you, and if they are trying to copy what we are doing, we'd like to talk to them too. For privacy and copyright issues of course.

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