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Making the best crossover in basketball takes a certain type of training and coaching. The ridiculous notion “that a hockey coach can practice medicine…" still happens in today’s basketball training world.

Who is teaching you the best crossover in basketball so that you play effectively and efficiently at the highest levels of basketball competition?

Basketball crossovers are a skill. Skills take repetition. Elite skills take mastering repetitions in game-like situations. Mastering the ability to train for skills takes learning the OtterBasketball fundamentals of the best crossover in basketball.

Playing in the pros for ten years has at least taught me basketball crossovers are often a skill we don’t practice for, especially with varied intensity and progressive loading programs (meaning, we don’t teach dribbling two basketballs until you’ve perfectly mastered dribbling one ball).

Hello, my name is Trevor Huffman, and I used the OtterBasketball System growing up, and it has helped me reach my basketball crossover goals-- playing professionally in the NBA and top Euro-leagues for over 10 years...

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Top Dribbling Skills for Making the Best Basketball Crossovers:

So what makes the best basketball in crossover... the best?

    #1: Learn the proper form with perfect repetitions by applying fundamental concepts.

    #2: Start doing Jason Otter's intensity driven basketball crossover drills and exercises for better basketball dribbling and offensive moves.

    #3. Start naturally crossing over better in live game and practice situations, because of the ability to not think about dribbling with either hand, in any situation, in different body positions (which is where the idea of deliberate, progressive dribbling practice comes in).

Over the top crossovers, below the ankle crossovers, left-handed in-out crossovers, right-handed in-out crossovers, double crossovers, fake crossovers (very important) take learning core dribbling fundamentals.

Get in a hallway, a court, your driveway, anywhere, for ten minutes and start crossing over in your stance. Now start walking and do the same.

Now get two balls. Crossover one ball in front, and see if the other one comes back to you (if it doesn’t, your alignment and technique needs work, which means you have some work to do). Now start crossing the basketballs in front of your body in a circle motion. Go to the left to right crossover. Back to right to left. Stay in your stance.

Now try in-out basketball crossovers, over the top crossovers, double crossovers, ankle crossovers. Now see if you can go behind your back into a crossover. Through your legs into a crossover.

Can’t do two balls? Do one for now. The point is to start learning.

Without these fundamentals, your best basketball crossovers will have certain limitations. You’ll turn it over when you shouldn’t, or your moves won't be as explosive or effective, ultimately, your wins, effective reads, and court time will likely decrease.

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The first thing we’ll teach you is the proper basketball crossovers technique. A foundational stance with mobility and stability. Longer ball and hand time. Efficient movement with ball while maintaining proper alignment. The physics of the best crossovers for basketball are the same for the physics of shooting and passing.

Efficient movement with proper alignment allows for skills to work consistently on the basketball court. This is key to learning how to make the best crossover in basketball.

I know Jason Otter's system is the best way to learn basketball because it pays close attention to detail, has a certain levels of varied intensity, and most of all, his unique coaching methods that make learning inevitable.

Jason Otter possesses all three, and it helped me get to highest levels of college and pro basketball. Or ask Jason Richardson. He wasn’t in the Michigan’s Top 100 until he trained with Jason. One summer with Jason and he was in the country’s Top Ten.

Unfortunately, unless you sign up for his camps, you might not get the chance to work with him on a physical basis like I did.

But you can get the second best thing with his Online OtterBasketball Training School or signing up for one of his camps.

Then everyone that is ahead of you in basketball won’t be for long, and you can say WHEN you pass them,“Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!”

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      “The OtterBasketball system is a great learning tool for coaches AND players to use every day. There is so much great basketball coaching and training information, it’s almost like a shooting fish in a barrel.” – Gary Waters, Cleveland State University

      It becomes a challenge to get better. The competition between my players grows each practice, which makes my job easier and makes my players accountable to each other. I like that!! It doesn't happen overnight, but they can start seeing positive results in as little as 2-3 weeks. -- Selena F, Head Girl's Coach

      "I believe their system of training works against more athletic players because I saw it first-hand carry over from their workouts..."-- Stan Heath, University of South Florida

    Have a great day, and remember: there are always people out there trying to get better. Fight the resistance. Have a plan. And get up and do it again tomorrow. Hope you learned a little more about what the best crossover in basketball really is.

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    Sincerely, Trevor Huffman & Jason Otter

    PS.-- A lot of people try to steal our best crossover in basketball training information and use it, sell it, or re-package it. The truth is, we've been doing this for 15 years; teaching it, sweating it, playing it, and doing it. Don't fall for snake-oil salesmen that haven't a clue as to what it takes to or how to teach getting to the next level.

    Jason Otter has the Best Point Guard Camps in the world. His Jason Otter’s Point Guard Elite Camps, boys and girls youth basketball camps, Online OtterBasketball Training system, elite basketball academies, and basketball coaching clinics are the beginning of learning how to train, live, and work harder and smarter with not only basketball, but life. We make the best crossover in basketball easy to learn.

    There's a reason why we've created the best point guards and players for years. We don't mind finding and talking to you about who is teaching, training, and coaching you, and if they are trying to copy what we are doing, we'd like to talk to them too. For privacy and copyright issues of course.

    *The best crossover in basketball training page is Trevor Huffman and Jason Otter property. Copyright laws apply.

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