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Basketball development is much like cooking. To make gourmet food for thousands of people at once, you have to understand how to properly cut, mix, execute, and plan how to put all the ingredients together properly.

Girls basketball training, especially for driven, ambitious parents, coaches, or players, is our passion.

Yet, most of the girls and women basketball players we have trained really love and absorb our concepts and methodologies faster than our male students. Is it because women and girls just naturally listen better?

Probably! Which means, if you can stick with our unique girls basketball training programs or individual or partner basketball workouts, you'll be rewarded quickly!

Look for trainers and coaches that know what it takes to get to the highest levels. Here is my professional playing resume if you want to research who I am.

The truth is, anyone that dedicates themselves to a program is trying to understand what being an athlete means:

Many people ask me what does it take to get to the next-level and it's a hard answer to give concretely. It's like mixing all the ingredients together. It takes a lot of hard work, experience, planning, and knowing what works.

But most of it all, getting to the next level takes the proper guidance and experience.


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Elite Basketball Training for Girls is Different in Many Ways:

Our system of basketball training can improve anyone’s shooting %, dribbling moves, and offensive skills quickly and efficiently. In the information age, being a next-level basketball player is about getting the Elite basketball training information and applying it to your training programs.

My name is Trevor Huffman.  I’ve played and trained with Jason Otter's system and added my own twist of NBA, Euro-league, and NCAA training experience to my coaching and training routines.

Now, coaches, players, and parents can learn how to get the most of their basketball practice time—how to copy and apply our system to get fast results!

Obviously, basketball training for girls takes some great planning, a unique approach to teaching fundamental training, and progressively loading players with difficulty and intensity through girls basketball training.

Elite training for girl basketball players starts with learning the right concepts and body awareness principles:

Girls youth basketball training workouts to women's basketball training should be built around the athlete, and the player. Teaching girls basketball comes with a new set of challenges that we are accustomed too handling.

  • Injury prevention through proper alignment, exercises science movement patterns developed to keep you stable, under control, and be in better shape than you opponent ever will be.
  • Increase the amount of ball-in-hand-time through learning to progress through our ball-handling skill drills. What is ball-in-hand-time? The amount of time you can possibly hold the ball through dribbling moves without traveling. This in turn increases the capacity of more explosive moves, a better overall handle, and different offensive combinations to take place.
  • Reinforcing proper movement patterns that are in line with efficient exercise science techniques, i.e.—teaching a sprinter to stand up straight out up out of the blocks would be incorrect and slow them down considerably. Many coaches dismiss the very thing that makes players faster, quicker, and more explosive on the court, which in turn, decreases a player’s value to the team! 

Coaching girls youth basketball starts with learning the right way to train on and off the court. As my old trainer Jason Otter says, "Finding the best way to train means searching for the best trainer/coach in that field."

Who's training or coaching you?

And we keep seeing the same problem consistently: inefficient movement, improper alignment, misplaced periodization skill training and girls conditioning programs, and ultimately, poor coaching and practice plans.

Free Girls Basketball Training Video Demo:

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THBA ELITE'S All-state, Collegiate, and Pro Players:

Krista Clement, D1 University of Michigan (Miss Basketball, Michigan)

Jim Clement, D2 Lake Superior State University and European Pro

Damon Huffman, D1 Brown University and European Pro

Steve McDonald, D2 Lake Superior State University

John Flynn, D2 Grand Valley State University 1st Team All-American & European Pro

Brandon Darnton, D1 Michigan State University

Corey Starkey, D1 Bucknell University, Current Pro

Chris Haas, D1, Bucknell, All-Conference, Current Pro

Grant Tracy, Grand Rapids CC

Taylor Silas, D1 Missouri State University

Drew Hilton, D3 Albion College

Carlos English, D1 Cleveland St. University, NBDL

DeAndre Haynes, D1 Kent St. University & European Pro

Kevin Frey, D1 Xavier University & European Pro

Dustin Dibble, D1 University of Milwaukee Wilmington

Jelani Rashi Floyd, D1 UC Davis University

Valerie Zona, D1 West Virginia University

Jenna Stoner, Depauw University, D3 National Champion